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Afghan Association of Victoria Election Day and New Committee Members

Afghan Association of Victoria having an election every two years the last election day was on 23 Feb 2020. By the agreement of all members, the Leadership broad has been selected for the next 2 years. Inside new broad members, Altaf Hussein become the leader of the association, Karima Jawid become the secretary, Jan Ali Najafee become as treasury and […]

Afghan Association of Victoria Social volleyball program for the members

The Afghan Social Volleyball Program (ASVP) is a social sports program that promotes men’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. By providing a safe environment for men and their sons to meet, be active, and socialize together. The ASVP engages participants with several relaxed and fun games of volleyball with and against their sons. The program will run on Saturday […]

Program to improve access to health information and specialist support services for treatment.

Afghan Association of Victoria partner with other organizations to deliver Raise awareness and prevent the transmission of viral hepatitis and the impact of liver disease, Lead the community response, and drive awareness concerning the liver disease. Assist people to understand and manage their liver health. Improve public understanding of how to prevent liver disease. Advocate for increased investment in, and […]

Afghan Association of Victoria

Afghan Association of Victoria (AAV) is a non-profit community organization created in 2015 by the Afghan’s of northern metropolitan Melbourne. AAV committed to providing Afghans located in northern metropolitan Melbourne with services and events to help them maintain the Afghan culture, give them more connection with their culture and values, and present Afghan culture for other communities. For instance, AAV […]